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River Ranch Lodge

This is a bit of a follow up to my last post about the Tahoe Dam and the stark contrast from when we where in a drought to 2017 and Lake Tahoe being completely full.

I was able to do some filming at the River Ranch Lodge near Alpine Meadows and threw together a sort clip of how much water is actually flowing out of the Tahoe Dam into the Truckee River.

The River Ranch Lodge is an iconic spot and a great place to stay and eat if your visiting Lake Tahoe.  During most summers you can raft down this lazy river and end up at this spot, however we wont be seeing any rafting until later this year.

See the image below as to how high the Truckee River is at some points and how close to loosing some bridge we are potentially.


Here is an aerial shot of the River Ranch Lodge.



River Ranch Lodge Short Clip:

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Here is the source of the original clip, which you can watch in 4k.

The Tahoe City Dam is Flowing!

Over the past few years we have been facing a drought here in California and for those of us fortunate enough to live in Lake Tahoe this was very evident. Just go to any beach and you will find your self being able to walk on dry dirt/sand for several hundred feet out before even hitting water. I live in Tahoe City and have been tracking this for the last few years by taking aerial photos of the Tahoe City Dam, Commons Beach and the dock near Commons Beach pictured below.

Well the draught here in California is over and the water is flowing full blast out of the Tahoe Dam, in fact its pushing out as of this writing 1180 cubic feet per second (source).  However now we are facing the potential to pass the legal limit height for the lake which is 6,229.1 feet and we are currently around 6,227.52.  I would assume this could lead to flooding in lower areas around the lake and various parts on the Truckee River.

Current Height Level of Lake Tahoe April 12, 2017

— source

Since I usually fly my drones around this area to practice I have captured over time the changes we have experience from 2015 to 2017. This footage was just throw away shots but I managed to dig out some clips from the past few years and put together this video below.

Enjoy and contact me if you have any questions.

Direct Link to Video.