I just finished up a virtual tour for Tremigo that showcases one of my best friends (Rory Canfield) art work that he did for them. The tour shows off the amazing work done at this location. I’m honored to have been able to capture all of this and convert this into a virtual tour that anyone can view on their desktop, mobile or VR headset.

This piece Luz Infinato is such an amazing piece I figured I would post some info about this here to get you psyched to actually take the tour.

Infinite Light Mural
A Dios dela Muertas Tribute mandala mural

This is what Rory had to say about this piece.

There are two skulls on each side of the mural. 

One is female, one is male. Mandala forms radiate outward from each skull. The mandala have aspects of life and death, Meso American shapes and colors, and aspects of Lake Tahoe. They feature the life cycle of a rose and the life cycle of aspen leaves changing colors. 

The mandala’s of the female side are tightly wound and begin to loosen and stretch upward to give the feeling of letting go into the infinite as we and all life bodies leave this earth plane from physical to non physical. The female is more in her transition of life and death showing a half painted face and hair. While the masculine side has a saguaro cactus growing through its skull signifying he has passed before the female.  

Both skulls have the light spectrum of color beaming out of their 3rd eyes toward each other signifying unity, love, and the infinite-energy-light-information of the soul being carried on.  The male skull is screaming sound light into the ethers. This is both to show emotional release from this physical body and to remind the viewer that our work here, no matter how big or small, is effecting this experience right now and for everyone that comes next into this reality. 

“I wanted to create a mural here that stopped people in their tracks to reflect on the gratitude they have for being alive, for the ability to co-create, and the people who have blessed our lives past and present. To reflect on the light and darkness of life, and to inspire people to create consciously in their own lives.”

“This piece is dedicated to my grandmother Carol; My guide, my rock, without your love and sacrifice my first 20 years of life would have been a complete nightmare. 

I will always love you and we will smile again light to light one day.” – Rory

So please take a moment to view this tour and the links below to Rorys work!

I would also recommend checking out this video that goes over his life experiences that shaped him into who he is today.

360 Virtual tour of Tremigo Tahoe

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