Spirit Wolf

Introducing Spirit Animal NFT’s, a purely unique set of spirits that where generated with custom AI code.

These unique images where processed via a generative adversarial network (GAN).

The process of machine learning (ML) model in which two neural networks compete with each other to become more accurate in their predictions. The outcome of using GAN’s with custom AI code create one of a kind pieces of artwork.

With the spirit of the computer mixed with the spirit of the animals we create a unique blend of imagery that cannot be reproduced.

In certain spiritual traditions or cultures, spirit animal refers to a spirit which helps guide or protect a person on a journey and whose characteristics that person shares or embodies. It is also metaphor, often humorous, for someone or something a person relates to or admires.



We have decided on the following Spirit Animals to drop over the next coming weeks to your favorite NFT market place.

  • Wolfs (Our First Drop)
  • Lions
  • Owls
  • Bears
  • Crows
  • Hawks
  • Apes

Each image is printable on metal or canvas and make great wall art for any collector. People will be dazzled by the uniqueness of the animals and their spirits will become alive in your home or office.


Wolf symbolism and meaning includes loyalty, family and friendship, teamwork, protection, wildness, freedom, instincts, playfulness, and other noble traits. … In addition, the wolf spirit animal is a sacred figure too many people who feel a kinship with these special animals.

Spirit Wolfs

Coming Soon

Lions.. Keep a watch on this page or our Instagram Account Dreaming Computers that specifically deals with computer generative art styles.