Ticketmaster rip off

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The other day my friends and I wanted to check out an upcoming DJ show in San Francisco, so we followed the link from the site and it took us to ticketmaster, ok thats fine, i’m used to a bit of extra charges and I can usually add in few bucks here to get my ticket mailed to me or printed out, but low and behold, a $35 show ticket ended up costing me $52.30.

WTF is that about?

Thats an additional $17.30 extra added onto my ticket price. Holy outrage Batman, what the hell are they getting away with here. Ok let me look at my order again to make sure I didn’t accidentally order the gold plated ticket.

Here is the break down:

Main Ticket: $35
Total Convenience Charge: $9.56 (wtf thats not a convenience)
Order Processing Charge: $5.15 (you know processing feeds for cc’s are about 2-3%, thats about $1.05 buddy)
Ticket Fast: $2.50 (oh sure, I just wanted to print my ticket, so you charged me more than a stamp, envelope, paper and mailing it)

I could drove from my house, across the Golden Gate Bridge, paid the $5 fee to go across the bridge, then went down to the Warfield ticket office probably paid $37.45 (im taking into consideration 7% tax), That still leaves me almost $10, where I could of went to this cheap Thai place for some good ass spicy drunken noodle.

This is a complete outrage as to what these companies get to charge now. I mean things on the web are supposed to be cheaper. WTF kind of rip off is this Ticketmaster?

Sasha and Digweed, I need to have a nice chat with you guys at the show, this is really crazy, at least if they threw in a free drink or two I would be happy but I sure feel ripped off.

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